Step 1: Download Files

The following page contains all the necessary files required for installing Excel Lab.

You will need administrative privileges (UAC) on your Windows machine in order to successfully install the prerequisite and Excel Lab. Work with your IT administrator for assistance.

(1) Prerequisite Runtime

Download and install the MATLAB Compiler Runtime. This is a prerequisite for using Excel Lab.

If you already have this runtime version installed, you will only need to install Excel Lab in the following section below.

(2) Excel Lab Install Kit

Please read the License Agreement before downloading or using Excel Lab.

By downloading or using Excel Lab, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions of the License Agreement.

Download and run the install the Excel Lab installation kit. You will need administrator privileges on your machine (consult your IT team). You will also need a valid user account with Windham Labs to use Excel Lab.

The CRC64 checksum for the installer file is 35DC1B50195A9E4F.

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