Excel Lab
Knowledge base to support Excel Lab, a quantitative modeling library for asset allocation and factor analysis - a Windham Labs technology solution.
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Leverage linear optimization, numerical methods, matrix mathematics, and regression models within your Microsoft Excel environment. Quickly prototype quantitative models without leaving Microsoft Excel!
Access the power of the Windham Labs' quant models via Microsoft Excel.

What is Excel Lab?

Windham's Excel Lab is a Microsoft Excel add-in. It is a library of functions available for direct use within Microsoft Excel's workbooks to calculate and analyze complex mathematics and models used in asset allocation and risk management.
These sets of functions are not natively available in Microsoft Excel. Some examples include:
    Mean-variance optimization (and various other objective functions)
    First-passage time probability models
    Partial sample regression model
    Mahalanobis distance
    Multi-variate simulations

Why use Excel Lab?

Asset owners and buy-side analysts may find Excel Lab a valuable as part of their daily workflow.
    Centralize your workflow
    Save time and mitigate errors
      Focus on sourcing data and building analytics in one place
      Track your models in one workbook instead of relying on a string of tools that risks disconnecting your data states and models.
    Communicate your work in a clear and transparent workbook
    Extend your workbooks to natively include responsive and dynamic analytics

"With Excel Lab, I am able to have my data and models displayed in one place, prototype my research ideas within the same workbook, and communicate all of this in a format accessible to decision makers. This has greatly improved my research process and productivity."

Anonymous buy-side analyst
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