Step 2: Register Libraries

Required Instructions

Register the necessary library (DLL) files to your system.

The following should be executed using the user profile account that will be using Excel Lab. This registers the user profile with UAC protections to be able use this add-in.

(1) Open Microsoft Windows' command console

(2) Execute the following in your command console to start the registration script

cd "C:\Program Files\Windham Labs\WindhamXlsLab\application\" & _install.bat

Answer yes if prompted to register only to your user.

Why register?

Registering a DLL is a typical technical process for using advanced third-party libraries in a system. This process ensures that the instance of the component (Excel Lab) can be created or launched.

The process adds information to a central directory for use by Microsoft. The registered information typically includes a friendly name of the component, which makes it easier to use from within other programs (i.e. Microsoft Excel), the full path to the library of functions, and any other relevant resources.

Typically, an installer package should take care of this for you with no guarantee of success.

We recommend explicitly executing this step as a prudent measure for ensuring a successful installation.

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